Welcome to Madison Massage, LLC.

If you would like a detailed massage that gets results, you have found the right place. Hi, my name is Lauri Ashley. I'm an LMT (licensed massage therapist).

I love massage therapy and what it can do for both the body and the mind. Each individual is different. What you want from a massage may very well differ from my next client. As a therapist I focus on minimizing pain, maximizing mobility and reducing stress. I believe that communication is a large part of you getting the results you want. My massages are 100% professional and your comfort and modesty are considered at all times. Call and let me show you what a difference a massage by Lauri can make.

Our wellness facility features massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic services.

Acupuncture is performed by Bethany Lauretano at Pathways to Wellness

Chiropractic Services are performed by Dr. Corinne Pernitz at Radiant Health Chiropractic.